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The #PathToNaples is paved in sweat and dedication.

Overview of the FBU (Football University) organization

The FBU National Championship tournament brings together talented youth football players from diverse backgrounds across the United States for a unique and unparalleled national competition. As the sole national football tournament in its category, the FBU National Championship annually determines a national champion in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th, as well as 10U.



The FBU National Championship Tournament provides the best representation of talent from all across the country in each grade level every year. The very top of the talent pool is represented on the #PathToNaples in what has become the very glimpse at a national level to the next generation of elite football prospects.


The importance of postseason football for middle school football players has increased exponentially. College staffs follow the results along the #PathToNaples in order to identify the next crop of top high school football recruits. Take for instance the 2018 FBU National Championship Game, where within three months 12 players had received at least one D1 offer.


In addition to the attention paid to the athletes on the field, the FBU National Championship boasts one of the top online communities among the competition, with a combined following of more than 300,000 followers among its affiliated social media platforms and more than 25,000,000 impressions annually generated on social media during the month-long tournament.

Player Development

At FBU Team Indiana, we are proud to offer a specialized curriculum for each position and grade level, focusing on skill development. Our dedicated coaching staff ensures that every year, our athletes learn something new while also mastering the techniques specific to their position and grade level. We believe in providing comprehensive training that not only enhances their overall skill set but also prepares them to excel in their specific role on the field. With our tailored curriculum, our athletes continually progress and evolve, staying ahead in their development while honing their position-specific techniques.




Tournament schedules and locations


12/2 - 12/3

Franklin Central High School

6215 S Franklin Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46259


Championship Week

Paradise Cove

Naples Florida

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